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About Us

Margarita Blair Cuervo, author and illustrator, is a Pre-Kindergarten Instructional Specialist and state certified bilingual teacher in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

Once children learn letters and sounds through fun hands-on experiences, children are ready to sound out letters to decode simple CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. Pup Wup First Readers © facilitate the initial ability for children to decode CVC words following the same word family pattern. Each book focuses on a single word family with simple sight words added to the story. Since it is developmentally inappropriate for children to memorize sight words, Pup Wup First Readers © integrate only one or two sight words, such as “the”, in each book to allow the story to flow. Children learn rhyming words and gain confidence in sounding out letters to read words.

Young children learn rhyming words and enjoy the fun and engaging stories as parents and teachers read to them. The inspiration for Pup Wup First Readers © is a result of years of working with young children. Data records yield 70% of the children reading Pup Wup First Readers © at the end of prekindergarten.


Pup Wup First Readers © provide comprehension questions to support children’s critical thinking, oral language development, and social-emotional skills.

Pup Wup First Readers © contain a list of vocabulary words and letter tiles. Parents/teachers cut out the letter tiles and vocabulary words. Children create the words using the letter tiles. Children match the words to the pictures in the book. Children sound out letters to read the words.

Pup Wup First Readers © include fun engaging phonological awareness & literacy learning activities to play with the children.

Collect the 24 Pup Wup First Readers ©. The books are grouped in three sets. Each set contains 8 books.

Set 1 includes the “a” families of an, ab, ag, ax, am, ap, ad, at.

Set 2 includes the “e” and “i” families of en, ell, ed, et, in, it, ig, ip.

Set 3 includes the “o” and “u” families of ot, ox, op, og, up, ub, ug, un.